About Us


Eminence Enterprises was established in 2006. We are one of the leading electrical contractors in the Central region. As an electrical services company, Eminence Enterprises places great emphasis on its relationship with clients, private or commercial, and prides itself on the ability to respond to your contracting requirements in an efficient and cost effective way. We plan management, operational support, customer care management, systems integration, and competence solutions although the firm has been engaged in varied genre of consultancy for clients ranging from big to small and from various sectors, it has always aimed to act as catalyst of the suggested changes process, facilitating business managers in freely carrying out initiatives undertaken for their organization. Eminence Enterprises performs with the lucid visions and result oriented ideas in the development of Energy sector, telecommunication, and project management. Opportunities to grow arise in the country with the right conditions provided by the stable politics system and the blossoming of the market based economy.


Today, we occupy an exceptional space among Service Provider Firms in Pakistan. Whether you’re a potential customer with a challenging project ahead; an existing customer checking up on our latest news; or future employee looking for new opportunities, I trust you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Every day, all day, the people of EMINENCE work hard to earn the trust of our customers. We believe in the power of teamwork. We believe that with hard work and passion, anything is possible. We strive for excellence and integrity in everything we do. We believe in EMINENCE, we believe in what we offer and we believe in our purpose. For those clients who have already discovered the value of EMINENCE as a trusted staffing and managed services provider, we thank you and are proud to be part of your success. Superior customer satisfaction has always been our philosophy and we will continue to provide our clients with the best staffing and services. If you are in job market for new opportunities, we thank you for looking at EMINENCE for the next stage in your career. EMINENCE is an exciting company full of great people who are enthusiastic, work hard and enjoy working in a friendly team environment. My goal is to seize the full potential that lies in these great people so that EMINENCE can become a great company. If you decide to join this company, you will be part of the dynamic team that we are building as the foundation of the company’s future success. Our journey will be both challenging and rewarding, and I hope it’s one you will consider. Our story is about commitment, expertise and excellence. It speaks to sustainability, and it starts with trust. Earning the trust of clients and our employees is a guiding principle of our company, and we work hard at it every day. We invite you to take a moment to explore EMINENCE and discover our expertise, the core values that we’re built on, what others are saying about us, and what we do. We’re a refreshing firm to work with. As CEO, I couldn’t be prouder of this company and its employees. Spend some time with our website and you’ll see why.